We’re all about audio advertising and we want to share what we love. Here is a list of audio advertising thought leaders that every agency and brand should be following if they want to keep up with what’s happening in the space.

Lisa Lacy | Adweek

Lisa writes tech articles for Adweek. She is consistent and always shares relevant industry updates. Follow her on Twitter!

George Slefo | Ad Age

George covers all kinds of tech topics for Ad Age. His articles are thought provoking and timely. Follow him on Twitter!

Laurie Sullivan | MediaPost

Laurie is a tech journalist at MediaPost. Her specialties include search engine advertising and marketing, data, location-based services, programmatic, and any other complicated technology. Follow her on Twitter!

Sapna Maheshwari | The New York Times

Sapna is a business reporter covering advertising for The New York Times. She was featured on Time's list of "140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2014" so you know she’s worth following. Follow her on Twitter!

Megan Graham | Ad Age

Megan is an agency reporter at Ad Age. Prior to joining Ad Age, she covered technology and startups for the Chicago Tribune. Follow her on Twitter!

Alison Weissbrot | AdExchanger

Alison is a staff reporter at AdExchanger. She covers all things relevant to digital audio and advertising agencies. Follow her on Twitter!

Brian Morrisey | Digiday

Brian is the President and Editor-in-Chief at Digiday. His team does an excellent job covering the digital media industry. Follow him on Twitter!

Steve Olenski | Forbes

Steve writes about marketing, advertising, and branding at Forbes. His articles are well-written and forward thinking. You can read one of our favorites here. Follow him on Twitter!

To make things even easier, we created a list on Twitter that includes all eight of these thought leaders. What are your favorite must-follow thought-leaders? Let us know on Twitter @JelliNoise!



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