Technology has gifted radio advertisers and media buyers, like you, with algorithms to do quick data processing, bringing "real-time" capabilities to what's historically been considered a "traditional" medium. These algorithms allow advertisers to accomplish more with higher quality, more targeted results in less time. Who doesn't love this?!

How does the Jelli algorithm work?

The human brain is pretty incredible, but it has nothing on our algorithm. This is because human functionality is more limited than computers. We can’t scrutinize billions of dollars worth of inventory in seconds without bias. Or run through a million “what-if” scenarios to optimize for strategic radio planning. Or analyze granular listenership data to determine the best elements that will result in the most efficient radio campaign that maximizes both price and impression saturation. These tasks are nearly impossible to figure out individually without the help of programmatic tech, let alone, all at the same time.

Luckily, you don't have to — algorithms can do it for you. Here's a simple diagram that shows how our algorithm sorts through information to optimize buys via SpotPlan®.

Try a new way of targeting:

Rather than using more traditional demos and dayparts, try using audience segments and target by behavior. Here are a few benefits:

  • Smarter impressions: our algorithm will automatically optimize, ensuring you meet your audience and budget goals, maximizing campaign performance.
  • Creative customization: create unique ads that speak directly to a specific consumer target. This personalized approach will form a more meaningful connection with your intended audience and strengthen the call-to-action.
  • Right audience: audience segments are built using listener data, so you can target based on life stage (Millennial Moms), lifestyle and interests (Technology Early Adopters), and more.

Programmatic radio is really starting to connect the dots between the reach of terrestrial audio and the granular insights of digital. Thanks to increased targeting options and simplified buying options, we are one step closer to experiencing the future of audio.


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