It's clear that consumers have a "less is more" mindset when it comes to audio ads, but advertisers are still adjusting to this shorter ad format. Here are a few things to avoid when writing 15-second audio ads:

Avoid TMI

Have you ever heard an ad that sounds more like a fast-talking auctioneer and less like a catchy commercial? It's important to be mindful about the content that you are sharing — don't try to cram thirty seconds worth of ad copy into a 15-second spot.

Don't be vanilla

Just because the ad is short doesn't mean that you shouldn't be creative. Spend the time to think outside of the box to get the most out of the spot. 15-seconds is plenty of time to include catchy music, a compelling story, and an engaging call-to-action. 

Refrain from cliché dialogue

Dialogue is great when you have 30-60 seconds to talk to your audience, but 15-seconds isn't long enough for cheesy two-person dialogue. If you do decide that this is the best way to get your point across, make sure it's quick and attention grabbing.

Don't hide your intent

What do you want the listener to do? Make sure your call-to-action is clear and easy to remember. Many short ads leave this part out, but it's arguably the most important element.

Nobody likes a bad voiceover

When you have no time to waste, the sound of your ad is even more important. Vet voiceover actors well and make sure they fit the ad and are easy to listen to.

Avoid traditional demos

Forget about traditional demos and focus on audience segments to find your most viable audience. You don't have time to talk to the wrong people and predetermined audience segments allow you to establish meaningful connections quickly.

If your message is impactful and you have a clear call-to-action, 15-seconds is plenty of time to win over your audience. Audio ads don't need to be long to be effective. In other words, make sure your radio ad is just long enough to say what needs to be said.

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