In celebration of Women's History Month, we want to celebrate all of the incredible women at Jelli. Their contributions are directly changing an entire industry — they're truly building the future of audio.

Thank you to each of you for sharing your ideas, dedication, and passion through the work that you do at Jelli.


Amber Hunsaker — Customer Success Specialist

Amber joined Jelli immediately following her college graduation and quickly became a valuable asset to the entire team. She was initially a Customer Success Associate, but mastered the Jelli technology and took on more and more work until promoting to her current role. Her favorite thing about working at Jelli is the freedom to own projects that result in new experiences and opportunities for career growth.

Brittany Hank — Senior Manager, Programmatic Media Strategy

Brittany is a media rockstar! She joined the Jelli team after years of agency media buying because she saw the value of programmatic technology. Today, Brittany is in a very strategic role working with Jelli clients to help them understand and implement their own programmatic media strategies. She loves working in tech because it's constantly changing. As scary as change can be, she loves that it keeps her on her toes.

Delilah Brown — Senior Director of Jelli Operations

Delilah is a visionary with a huge heart for Jelli. She comes up with grand ideas and executes them so well while keeping all of us engaged. Delilah loves her job because everyone shares the same vision, values, and is dedicated to making an impact. She believes that this creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other and working together to achieve greater things.

Diana Ornelas — Software Engineer in Test

Diana is focused, driven, and engaged. She works super hard but also takes time to grab lunch with her colleagues or play a quick game of foosball (she's the ultimate defender). Diana enjoys working in tech because she likes solving problems and is constantly learning new things in her role.

Ketki Bhusari — Software Engineer in Test

Ketki loves learning new things and solving problems. She's a software engineer in test by day but enjoys artistic outlets like painting in her free time. Her favorite thing about Jelli is the room for career growth. This is a great incentive to learn new skills and contribute as much as possible, challenging her in a positive way.


Marisa Alan — Senior Customer Success Manager

Marisa has been working in Customer Success for 12 years and brings so much value to our Jelli team. She is strategic, process oriented, and always has our customers' best interest in mind. Marisa loves working with customers because she has the opportunity to make connections with them and ensure a positive Jelli experience.

Megan Fisher — Senior Culture & Operations Manager

Megan keeps Jelli fun, engaged, and productive. She is the most organized person around and pays attention to all of the details — always making things happen. Megan's favorite part of her job is all of the people that she gets to work with.

Melissa Bower — Software Engineer

Melissa is the perfect balance of logic and creativity and it really shows in her work as an engineer. She is a recent graduate and has hit the ground running at Jelli. Melissa loves engineering because she gets to do creative problem solving every day.

Molly Glover Gallatin — SVP of Marketing & Customer Experience

Molly has been working in advertising and tech for most of her life and it shows. She is an incredible leader who is always willing to share her experiences with the team and makes sure to encourage curiosity and collaboration. Molly loves working at Jelli because of the collaborative and dynamic environment and the team's M.I.H. (Make it Happen!) focus.

Ryan Miller — Marketing Manager

Ryan is our in-house writer who describes herself as an organized mess of creative mediums. Between writing and designing she likes to dig into the weeds of marketing automation and content strategy. She enjoys SaaS marketing because it allows her to put more of a focus on creating strategic, quality content that helps others achieve their goals.

Stephanie Shieh — Senior UI/UX Designer

Stephanie has been working at Jelli for 5 years and is a major asset to our product team. She has a designer's eye and thinks strategically like a product manager. Stephanie loves product design because it's always challenging and rewarding.

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