The resurgence of audio has provided marketers with the perfect opportunity to easily connect with Gen Z. Not only are they constantly consuming content and information throughout the day on various platforms, but a lot of that is happening via the radio. Many people believe that young people no longer listen to the radio, but that's far from true. 55% of 13 - 24-year-olds in the US are reached by broadcast radio every day — that's even more than the reach of streaming!

Gen Z is full of digital natives and is the most tech-savvy generation to date. They were the first generation to grow up constantly connected through smartphones and various digital devices, making them an ideal audience to target when creating audio campaigns.

Reaching Gen Z With Radio

Like most people, Gen Zers are listening to the radio when they're on the go in their cars, but they're also listening across devices from phones and tablets to laptops and smart speakers. With their "always connected" nature, it's no surprise they're significantly contributing to the growing listening patterns we're seeing in audio.

In conducting qualitative interviews with Gen Z radio listeners, Edison Research identified a few key reasons they enjoy radio:

  • Radio provides a human connection, particularly during quarantine
  • Radio offers the surprise of songs that have not been curated in streaming playlists
  • Radio is a source for additional information about music and artists
  • Radio is a source for news and information
  • Radio is associated with nostalgia and good memories

Although audio campaigns are an easy way to reach Gen Z, you'll still want to ensure your ads are engaging. Make sure your ads are relevant, relatable, authentic, and avoid over-the-top marketing and sales gimmicks. 

In summary, radio connects Gen Z with the news and information they trust while providing them with entertainment that they enjoy. There's no denying the listening power of Gen Z!

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