There's been a lot of talk about cookies lately thanks to Google's plans to phase out third-party cookies on Chrome. In the last few years, there has been a big push for consumer privacy so this shouldn't come as a surprise, but what does it mean for marketers?

Before we dive in, let's talk about cookies. A cookie is a small text file in the browser that websites can write to, specific to a device. Cookies were created in 1994 with the goal of improving the e-commerce experience.

Digital advertising currently allows marketers to reach people in highly targeted ways. For example, rather than simply running an ad for your clothing business on a fashion-related website, cookies allow you to follow users who have visited fashion pages and then show them fashion ads wherever they go next whether that's a fitness blog or a news site. Because of recent data privacy laws like California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), more companies are moving away from using this type of third-party data.

Cohorts Are Here to Help  

Marketers have been very focused on one-to-one marketing over the last few years, but the future is cohorts. And guess what? Anybody who utilizes radio advertising is already a master! iHeartMedia has been building cohorts of likely customers based on specific characteristics and similarities for years. Plus, you can build your own cohort by providing your own first-party customer data.

Whether you want to reach Heavy QSR (quick service restaurant) Eaters, Parents with Children Under 18, or Grocery Shoppers, radio can connect you with them.

Audio Advertising is the Solution

It's no secret that audio advertising is hot right now, but it's also the perfect solution to all of the third-party data concerns. Audio advertising is a one-to-many advertising solution that doesn't intrude on the privacy of consumers. It's also the only way to reach people everywhere they are. We no longer live in a world where people want to spend their days in peace and quiet, in fact, we are always connected. Audio allows you to reach people throughout their day when they're listening to music on their morning run, catching up on a news podcast while getting ready, or tuning in to their favorite radio personalities during a commute.

If you're new to radio and want to learn more, take a look at our Radio Buying Quick Start Guide. If you're a small business, visit for an easy-to-use self-service audio advertising solution. 

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