Culture is not built coincidentally, but intentionally. Every employee at Jelli plays a vital role in creating and adding to our culture. Despite the unforeseen changes the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, we maintain our commitment to making sure all of our team members and their communities still receive the same level of care as before.

Here are some of the engagements we are providing while working remotely:

Please note: these are all optional engagements so employees are able to participate in their favorites but are not required to do so.

Morning Coffee

Each morning, a Jelli team member hosts virtual coffee. This is an opportunity for employees to enjoy their morning coffee, tea, or other beverage of choice with their colleagues in a casual setting before starting the day.


Live and Learn

Our monthly Live and Learn sessions provide an opportunity for employees to educate Jellies on the topic of their choice (i.e. marketing automation, meaningful meetings, voice technology). Employees gain knowledge through sharing and providing new resources. Everyone has the ability to present and attend these hour long courses.


Attending in-person conferences isn't feasible right now, so we offer MasterClass memberships to our employees. MasterClass is an immersive online experience that offers access to genius by allowing anyone to take online classes with the world's best. 

Yoga Practice 

We practice yoga twice a week with Robin Martin, a professional yoga instructor, to revitalize our bodies and minds. These virtual classes are designed for all experience levels and address flexibility, strength, balance, and mindfulness.

Game Night 

Games have always been a big part of Jelli, we even have an official company value dedicated to them (Let the Good Times Roll). Once a month we host an informal virtual game session, choosing various board and video games to connect with our teammates while allowing our creative minds to recharge.


Personal Trainer Workout 

We host a virtual workout each week with Adam Azevedo, a professional trainer, who gets our blood flowing and bodies moving. Adam has been training Jellies for years with workouts designed for all levels, focused on cardio, mobility, and strength.

Wine Tasting 

Jelli’s wine club gathers virtually on Friday evenings to enjoy a new wine selection chosen by one of our colleagues. During this time, we chat about the wine pick and spend time casually talking, joking, and connecting with each other.



More than ever, we see a need for individuals to be able to volunteer and contribute to their communities. We already provide a Spirit Day, which is a paid day off for our team to be able to #spreadthejelli, but during this time we have added another paid day off to add to the cause. We also share a monthly flier with location-specific volunteer opportunities for employees to expand the awareness of what is most needed in that area right now.

Heart-Based Meditation

There’s never been a better time to practice meditation to release stress, relax, and find balance. David Lesinski, a professional counselor & meditation instructor, guides our team through Heart-Based Meditation to decrease stress and eliminate unhealthy emotional patterns, while creating a deeper connection to our inner truths.

Happy Hour 

Once a week, we have a peer-driven Jelli “Happy” Hour where our team gets together virtually to chat, play games, or listen to music.

Culture Amp

Most of Jelli's employee engagements, like the ones you read above, come from the feedback sourced anonymously from our team via Culture Amp surveys. Using Culture Amp’s reporting tools, data points are gathered from those surveys to reveal certain focus areas for the strongest drivers of overall engagement. We then share these results with the entire Jelli team and create company-wide action plans to address those focus areas.

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