Every year, it's easy to identify a handful of themes that demonstrate growing trends in tech. This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was no exception; there was an abundance of innovative tech, but four areas really stood out to us.

Cars are Showing Signs of Life

About nine of the leading car manufacturers and hundreds of car-related tech exhibitors shared their innovations for the future of the automotive industry — everything from connected cars to concept cars — but it doesn't end there. Displays are getting bigger, entertainment is getting bolder, and voice capabilities are getting smarter.

iHeartMedia announced a host of new automotive integrations for iHeartRadio, too. The new add-ons will optimize and enrich the in-car experience for drivers as well as help bring iHeartRadio's massive library of audio content to listeners everywhere. A few of the integration partners include: Android Automotive OS, BMW ConnectedDrive, and General Motors.



Tech is More Subtle

At a time when it feels like tech is taking over our lives, it is also on its way to blending in. Product designers are now building technology using natural materials like wood, plastic, and metal to ensure they aren't distracting. From televisions that blend in with the surrounding wall art when powered off to products that measure blood sugar to detailed health-sensing wearables that look less like smart watches and more like designer accessories.



5G is Buzzing

With the buzz that's been happening around 5G, it's no surprise that the CES show floor was full of 5G compatible devices from laptops and phones to gaming modems. The 5G rollout has begun in limited markets, but until it is setup and accessible across the US, the tech likely won't be ready for primetime for awhile.

There are, however, some interesting innovations and ideas for 5G as far as transportation, entertainment, logistics, medical applications, and even infrastructure that we're looking forward to seeing in action. For context, 5G is about 100 times faster than 4G, so the implications of such a significant speed improvement are wide-ranging.

Artificial Intelligence is Officially Everywhere

This sounds like hyperbole, but we really mean everywhere. From voice-driven interfaces to health applications, artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a way of life. It can be assumed that some form of AI is involved in nearly every piece of tech at this point — even toothbrushes. A prime example this year was Oral-B. They now have an iO series electric toothbrush with bluetooth that uses AI to coach consumers about better brushing.

Every year, technology finds new and exciting ways to embed itself in our daily lives. The exhibits at CES are proof that the future is already here and we are happy to be channeling that mantra every day in the work that we do right here at Jelli. If you want to work in an industry that is paving the future of audio, take a look at our current job openings

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