When everyone thought radio was on its way out, the world shifted. In recent years, we’ve rediscovered an appreciation for screenless media, from streaming your favorite podcast at the office to asking Alexa to play Z100. It’s clear that we are entering the Golden Age of audio.

Anybody can say that audio is hot, but how do we know?

The Rise of Voice

Smart speakers and voice technology are quickly becoming the new normal. One in four adults owns a smart speaker in America — that’s 60 million people. And more than half of the US population have used voice-command technology, smart speakers, and voice assistants across devices increasingly as part of their everyday lives.

Radio’s Attribution

Broadcast radio now has the ability to prove its impact. More and more companies are focused on quantifying how radio ads drive search and website traffic, allowing brands to measure campaign lift.

Podcasting Growth is Exploding

More than half of all Americans listen to podcasts and they listen to an average of seven a week! Podcast listeners are super fans too. Much like with radio DJs, listeners become fans of not only the content, but also the show hosts. Podcast hosts have their fans' focused attention for extended periods of time and listeners really want to hear what they have to say.

Car Audio is Transforming

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), iHeartMedia announced new upcoming automotive integrations for iHeartRadio. These integrations will optimize the in-car experience for drivers as well as bringing iHeartRadio’s extraordinary library of audio content to listeners.

More People Are Listening

272 million Americans listen to radio each week. That’s SEVEN million more than in 2016. Radio’s resilience isn’t a surprise to industry leaders, but it’s a good reminder for marketers that you don’t have to rely on videos/screens to get your message heard.

The audio industry is going through a shift and the opportunities for marketers are endless. If you aren't already leveraging audio advertising, connect with us to learn more about turning up your brand's volume. Welcome to the Golden Age of audio.

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