For decades, radio has been a pillar of advertising but with the introduction of new technology it's easy to assume that radio listening isn't as prominent today. That isn't the case though — it still reaches more people than Facebook. Radio is better than you think and the number one reason for that is safety.

Advertising trust issues

The rise of internet advertising was revolutionary for marketers, but in the midst of exciting growth came some pretty big problems. Luckily, radio remains unaffected by these issues.


Many digital ads are never even seen by humans. At one point Google found that 56% were not "viewable" per their standards. Radio doesn't experience this kind of interruption. Stations are able to monitor the airwaves to ensure that everything is playing correctly in their local market. And thanks to tools like RadioDash, you can listen to your live ad while it's playing on air for extra peace of mind.


Millions of dollars in ad spend has been wasted by displaying ads to non-human web traffic — otherwise known as botnets. It is well-known that radio reaches more people than even the biggest digital advertisers, but it gets better — it only reaches real people. "Radio is not Twitter. It’s had longer to come to terms with its power and it’s regulated. The radio industry has had to put stronger controls in place and make more of an effort to police content," said Rosie Smith; Radio World.


The internet is a crazy place and you don't always have control over what your brand assets are displayed next to. Imagine advertising discounted airfare right next to an ad about unreliable airplanes. Thanks to competitive and category separation, this isn't something you need to worry about with radio. Plus, you can choose to avoid advertising alongside content and/or personalities you don't feel align with your brand for an added level of security.


Reporting is a key part of advertising technology, but knowing that you got what you paid for can be a challenge. Radio allows you to see when and where your ads are playing, including campaign compliance numbers. On average, Jelli SpotPlan radio ad campaign compliance is 99 percent. That means you're maximizing every dollar and getting the airtime you deserve.

As digital advertising continues to lose trust with advertisers, radio remains the most trusted medium. Radio can deliver the safe advertising environment that you need and make your brand a consistent part of daily local conversations.

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