These days people start singing carols the day after Halloween, but we wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving to share some of our top holiday songs. It took everything we had to find our patience, but it's finally time to share our favorite festive tunes! We're happy to share our new iHeartRadio playlist full of winter classics and contemporary holiday favorites just in time for the big celebrations.

Holiday music has the unique ability to make us feel lots of emotions and our holiday playlist truly has something for everyone — some is about spending time with family, some is a little moody, and some is full of good cheer! Whether you need some jolly energy to get you out of a holiday slump or you want to listen to something a bit slower, chances are you'll find the perfect song for you.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while listening to some great holiday tunes. Cheers to a happy holiday season! 

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