One of our earliest Jelli technology adopters and a pioneer in programmatic radio buying, Horizon Media, is partnering with us to do something new. Today we announced that Horizon is extending its use of SpotPlan® to activate radio upfronts on behalf of its clients, an industry first.

Programmatic Audio is Making Waves

Horizon Media was one of the first agencies to recognize the growing opportunities in audio and eagerly agreed to be an early access partner on several Jelli product enhancements. Together, we set out to move the audio industry forward and have been doing so ever since its first programmatic transaction in 2015.

SpotPlan is still the only platform that allows advertisers to buy radio programmatically at scale, with $2+ billion of ad inventory available, which puts Horizon Media ahead of the game.

"We continue to see significant value in SpotPlan's planning and buying capabilities coupled with the opportunity to align our clients with relevant audience segments through iHeart's Smart Audio marketplace," said Lauren Russo, SVP, Managing Director Audio Investments and Promotions at Horizon Media.

Spotplan enhancements lead to first radio upfronts

It's important to note that Horizon is doing more than just embracing change. Over the past year, we have been leveraging Horizon's agency expertise to enhance key SpotPlan features that allow advertisers to have more control, better reporting, and detailed analytics. These include:

Project Creation & Management Tools 

Buyers can now easily create Advertiser Project hierarchies that can manage multiple buys across marketplaces, data sources, spot lengths and markets.

What-if Scenarios & Revision Management 

Users can now create "what-if" scenarios by altering specs, such as flight dates, dayparts, and station formats to easily determine which plan delivers the optimal impressions / GRPs in a particular week, market, or daypart - all via Jelli's algorithm.

Plan Comparison & Project Analysis

Instantly gain insight into how media plans vary by marketplace, data segment, market, and spot length to optimize booking behavior and to ensure individual plans contribute towards overall project goals.


Enhanced reporting and analytics dashboard providing buyers with real-time campaign performance, ad verification, spot checks, and affidavits, delivering full transparency and accountability. 

"The platform continues to evolve to include features that are essential in evaluating and optimizing media schedules. We are impressed with the company's growing focus on supporting new channels of distribution in the audio space, which is critical as we migrate further into streaming, podcasting, and voice," said Lauren Russo.

Today's announcement clearly demonstrates radio's shift to programmatic ad buying. We are excited to be working with a progressive, world-class agency to define the future of audio. Learn more about Horizon's expanded use of Jelli SpotPlan for its upfront radio buys in AdEchanger.

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