Technology has changed our listening habits, but radio remains the dominant medium people use to consume content. Half of all audio listening occurs via AM/FM radio — more than triple that of streaming. This is a pretty clear indicator that radio should be part of your media mix.

Here's the good news: buying radio ads is finally as simple as buying digital. Programmatic technology will make your life easier. Over the last couple of years, technology has completely changed the way that marketers buy radio ads. Not only is it easier, but marketers also have access to a host of new features that make the ad-buying process more transparent and measurable.

The importance of programmatic radio is growing quickly so we decided to create a resource for marketers. The Marketer's Guide to Programmatic Radio talks about the audio boom, covers programmatic buying benefits for different personas, dives into the importance of analytics and targeting, and shares some advice to consider when selecting your programmatic partners.



"Radio has always provided unmatched value, and now we can bring today's data sources, targeting and the speed, ease, and precision of programmatic buying to our advertising partners."

Lauren Russo 
SVP, Managing Director, Horizon Media

Audio is hotter than ever and as a marketer, you shouldn't underestimate its importance. Radio has always played a big role in the lives of consumers and this guide can help you reengage with radio or pull it into your marketing mix for the first time. 


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