What is the best way to communicate with people? For most of us, speaking is the preferred means of communication and therefore listening is the easiest way to receive information. The same rule should apply to advertising.

This is why audio advertising is crucial. Not only is it less disruptive than other forms of marketing — because people are tuned in and less distracted — but it's also the easiest way to break through to your customers.

Usually we focus on radio advertising, but let's talk about another form of audio advertising for a minute: podcasts.

Podcast Advertising is No Joke

Do podcasts even require an explanation anymore? The growing popularity of podcasts is undeniable — more than half of American's currently listen to podcasts. In fact, they listen to seven podcasts a week on average.

Here are 3 reasons you should be adding podcasts to your advertising strategy:

1. Easy Targeting

There is a podcast out there for everything which means that you can target just about any audience you want to. From Harry Potter, read as if it was a sacred text, to true crime case reports and even Ron Burgundy having off-the-wall conversations with guests, you can find an audience that's right for your business.

2. Brand Awareness

Branded podcasts are 22% better than television at engaging consumers who normally avoid ads. The BBC study found that these self-identified ad avoiders were more engaged, emotionally involved, and likely to remember brands that were mentioned on podcasts in comparison to television viewers.

3. High Engagement

Podcast listeners are highly engaged super fans. Much like with radio DJs, listeners become fans of not only the content, but also the show hosts. Podcast hosts have their fans' focused attention for extended periods of time and listeners really want to hear what they have to say. More than half of podcast listeners will listen from start to finish, including the ads.

As podcasting popularity continues to grow, so will the advertising opportunities. You have the freedom to tailor your messaging and reach potential customers in a more intimate way.

Check out some of our favorite marketing podcasts and see some targeted podcast advertising in real life!

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