Conversations around brand safety on social media aren't new, but with ongoing scrutiny of Facebook there's a renewed focus on this issue. In light of recent events and privacy concerns, a growing number of brands and advertisers have made the tough decision to shift their advertising dollars to safer, more trusted mediums. 

Luckily, radio continues to be a brand safe advertising medium. "Radio always has and will continue to fulfill the responsibility of the trust we have earned with our listening audiences and advertising partners," Erica Farber, President and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau, told Inside Radio. "We've earned this trust and believe that reminding our advertising partners that radio always provides a reliable and safe environment, which is especially critical during these challenging times. Equally as important is the continued integrity of radio's programming and disseminating of news and information to our listeners." 


Radio is accountable and provides advertisers with competitive separation and the ability to exclude controversial stations, allowing you to rest easy. Between the massive reach (92% of American's 18+ tuning in weekly), the ability to exclude stations that don't align with your brand, and the option to customize by market, format, daypart, and audience, you can ensure your advertising placements are conflict-free. 

“Within broadcast, we have the ability to leverage 90%+ reach at a fraction of the price of other media channels while also having the ability to leverage the relationships that DJ influencers have with the local community,” Lauren Russo, Executive VP & Managing Partner, Audio Investment at Horizon Media, explains.

Broadcast radio is not only a safe place for your brand messages, but it's also trusted by consumers.

If you're taking this time to reconsider your brand's or client's relationship with social media, we encourage you to look to radio. Radio can deliver the safe advertising environment that you need and make your brand a consistent part of daily local conversations.

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