It's that time again. The holiday shopping season is here — are you ready?

Did you know that more than half of American holiday shoppers have already started their holiday shopping? A lot goes into creating successful holiday marketing campaigns and the time to plan is now.

So where do you start?

Marketing Tips to Consider This Holiday Season

The following holiday marketing tips will help you cut through the clutter and keep your brand top of mind.

plan more than you think

Years ago, the holiday season used to just be a few main retail-heavy events (i.e. Thanksgiving and Christmas), but now the holiday shopping season spans the entirety of November and December and includes shopping specific holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So it goes without saying that there’s a lot to plan for. You'll want to make sure that you have holiday ads running from now until the new year.

Keep things simple

It's easy to get caught up in the holiday craziness, but simple holiday campaigns that cater to your target audience will be more impactful. Focus on your customers and choose a strategy that will engage them instead of spamming them with generic Black Friday sales promotions. 

Reach your customers where they are

Customers being familiar with your brand isn’t enough — you’ve got to be top of mind. And to do that, you need to reach them when they're getting ready to shop. Radio is the last message 75% of commuters say they hear before shopping. And nearly half are listening to the radio within thirty minutes of arriving at a store.

Be prepared for more competition than ever

With all of the holiday promotions floating around, there's a lot of competition out there. In general, 72% of consumers consider 2 - 4 brands when making a purchase. Make sure to communicate the benefits of shopping with you over your competitors so you can win their business.

The holidays are a crazy time of year for brands and marketers. If you're armed with a plan, you can take advantage of the season. For more holiday marketing inspiration, read about how you can incorporate audio into your holiday advertising plans.

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