Technology has changed people's listening habits, but AM/FM radio remains the dominant medium that people use to consume content. Roughly half of all audio listening still occurs on broadcast radio — that's three times more than streaming. In terms of overall audio consumption, 188.6 billion of 202 billion minutes comes from radio compared to 13.4 billion minutes combined from streaming via computer, smartphones, and tablet listening.

Given those numbers, it is clear radio is still significant. And why shouldn't it be? We can take it on-the-go whether on foot or behind the wheel of a car.

What's next?

For now, radio's audiences continue to span all generations, demographics, and ethnicities. People will continue to listen to their favorite programs and music at home and in their cars. New ad dollars are flowing to the medium and billion dollar advertisers are re-discovering the power of radio and how it can once again amplify their media mix. We are entering into a new age of what radio has to offer both the general public and the advertising community.

Radio 101

Radio advertising has its own language which can feel like a barrier to entry for digital marketers. This ebook has everything that you need to know to get started with programmatic radio buying. From a detailed glossary of terms to helpful tips, we packed this guide full of digestible content that will help kickstart your radio advertising experience.



Technology like Jelli SpotPlan connects the dots between the impressive reach of broadcast radio and the granular insights of digital buying. Download our Radio Buying Quick Start Guide and learn how to bring buys to market faster and more cost-effectively.

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