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Meet the Jelli QA Team!

Here's the thing, amazing product updates don't just magically appear and the QA team plays a big part in the process. Our QA engineers (also known as...

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Programmatic Radio Explained in Fewer than 160 Characters

We all know how important an elevator pitch is, so I thought it would be a good challenge to explain programmatic radio advertising in less than 160...

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WTF is programmatic?

What is programmatic advertising? Our Senior Director of Product Management, Dylan Hecklau, recently hosted a company-wide lunch and learn titled, "WTF is...

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The Five Best Marketing Podcasts

Marketing trends evolve quickly and podcasts are a fun way to keep up with this fast evolution. How else are we supposed to learn about the latest...

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The New Wave of Audio

Do you remember lying in bed

With the covers pulled up over your head?

Radio playin' so no one can see

Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio - The Ramones,...

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What's going to happen to audio advertising in 2019?

This year was transformative for audio and advertising. For the first time there are true attribution capabilities for radio advertising, smart speakers...

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We're 10 Years Old!

Over the last 10 years, Jelli has made a big impact on the radio industry. Back when we started, Google Chrome had just launched and Netflix was still...

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