Radio works around the clock. Many advertisers focus on daytime radio ad slots when planning their campaigns, but overnight radio offers a big opportunity. In fact, 33% of adults 18+ listen to the radio between midnight and 5am1. And for night shift workers, listening is even higher. 


With 27% of employed Americans working between 10 pm and 6 am3, you have an untapped timeframe to target consumers and drive engagement and action. Plus, late-night and overnight radio spots are generally less expensive than morning drive times, helping your budget go further.

A few examples of industries that tend to work more night shifts include manufacturing, transport, quick-service restaurants (QSRs), healthcare, and commercial cleaning. If the consumers you're looking to reach fall into categories like these, it's worth adding some nighttime spots to your radio schedule.

GEt Started with radio: the medium that never sleeps

If you're a small business, you should take a look at iHeart AdBuilder. AdBuilder is a self-serve platform for creating and running radio ads. Plus, for a limited time you can get a free custom radio ad

If you're an agency or a large brand, you should try SpotPlan. SpotPlan provides agencies with an automated way to efficiently plan and buy audio advertising. Our team is available to provide a demo, just send us a quick note.

Sources: 1. Nielsen Audio Nationwide Fall 2017, 4-Week Reach, M-Su 12m-5a, A18+. 2. iHeartMedia Proprietary Research AskSuzy Night Shift Worker Survey, 12m-6am. March 2018. 3. “Long Workweeks and Strange Hours,” National Reference Bureau of Economic Research, September 2014 This data doesn't include self-employed


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