You get more in-depth campaign measurement and real world attribution data! Today we announced with Foursquare and iHeartMedia the launch of a new attribution product for broadcast radio. Advertisers now have access not only to iHeartMedia’s massive reach, but the attribution and insights tools from location technology company Foursquare all via SpotPlan, our DSP.

“iHeartMedia continues to reach more Americans than Google, Facebook, and TV and the advertising community can now be taking further advantage of the scale and effectiveness of broadcast radio to build a brand, and drive awareness, engagement, and sales,” said Brian Kaminsky, iHeartMedia’s President of Revenue and Data Operations. "This initiative with Foursquare and Jelli is the next evolution in the development of our platform, providing retailers and QSR’s the same measurement and accountability for broadcast radio, as Google is in search and Facebook is in social.”

This new attribution capability will leverage Foursquare’s location platform to measure the impact of a broadcast radio campaign purchased through the Jelli DSP, SpotPlan, and its effectiveness in driving consumers to actual brick and mortar destinations. The Foursquare Attribution product uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques to measure the true impact of an ad on real-world visits.

“Our latest measurement innovations, driven by advancements in machine learning and rooted in our first-party data, is what sets Foursquare Attribution apart. We’re proud that iHeartMedia selected Foursquare as the company’s measurement partner, working in concert with Jelli’s API, says Peter Krasniqi, Foursquare’s Vice President of Global Enterprise and Business Development. “This is just the beginning of what we can do together. iHeartMedia is also committed to a test phase with our Pilgrim SDK, which will give them even stronger analytics on audiences and foot traffic trends.”

You can read more about our announcement in MarTech Advisor. Interested in learning more about our new attribution product with Foursquare and iHeartMedia? Contact us to learn more!

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