This is a complicated time to advertise whether you're an agency or advertiser, but your customers are ready to hear from you. Kelton Global, a consumer insights and strategy consulting firm, has been analyzing consumer behavior and sentiment since the beginning of the pandemic and they've gathered a lot of encouraging data. 

The most recent data shows that consumers are feeling positive about things — 9 out of 10 believe that there will be a positive change to come out of the outbreak. Sixty-seven percent of people are more aware of the state of local businesses in their communities than they were before the pandemic and 68% prefer to shop locally right now.


According to a recent Nielsen study, heavy radio listeners are ready to shop again. Some of the things they plan to do include ordering take out, visiting a salon, and shopping for non-grocery items. Additionally, heavy radio listeners are 29% more likely to make a major purchase (buying/leasing a vehicle or buying a house) within a month after restrictions loosen.


Consumers are anxious to support the economy and they're ready to hear from you. Be top of mind with your customers and let them know your current offers, new hours of operations, or plans for reopening. 

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