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A New Way of Targeting

Technology has gifted radio advertisers and media buyers, like you, with algorithms to do quick data processing, bringing "real-time" capabilities to...

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What's going to happen to audio advertising in 2019?

This year was transformative for audio and advertising. For the first time there are true attribution capabilities for radio advertising, smart...

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It's Official – Jelli Joins the iHeartMedia Team!

I am excited to announce that iHeartMedia's acquisition of Jelli officially closed today! 2018 will definitely go down as one of the biggest years in...

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How Not to Write a 15-Second Audio Ad

It's clear that consumers have a "less is more" mindset when it comes to audio ads, but advertisers are still adjusting to this shorter ad format. Here...

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Jelli to be acquired by the largest audio company in America, iHeartMedia

Invisible airwaves

Crackle with life

Bright antennae bristle

With the energy

"Spirit of the Radio"  –  Rush

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Horizon Media Activates Programmatic Radio Upfronts with Jelli

One of our earliest Jelli technology adopters and a pioneer in programmatic radio buying, Horizon Media, is partnering with us to do something new....

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2018 Midterm Elections Powered by Audio

Midterm elections are around the corner but there's still time to embrace the power of audio. Radio is seeing a comeback across all advertising, not...

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The New Generation of Audio

Last week, we shared a post recapping a few of the themes at the 2018 NAB Radio Show. One of those themes was the fact that Generation Z doesn’t think...

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